It’s never too late to do what you love

I have yet to write about my experiences at TypeCon2013 yet (unless you’ve stalked my string of tweets all week). But having some time to kill before the “Infamous Type Quiz” tonight, I ended up at a coffee shop reading about Typeface designers, specifically Frederic Goudy. A few weeks ago I came across the Kennerly Old Style typeface  and was enamored with the outward tilted serifs on the capital T, the gentle concave center of the stems, and the absolutely exquisite ampersand. After hearing some other designers mention him here at TypeCon, figured he deserved a closer look. Then I found this:

“At 40, this short, plump, pinkish, and puckish gentleman kept books for a Chicago realtor, and considered himself a failure. During the next 36 years, starting almost from scratch at an age when most men are permanently set in their chosen vocations, he cut 113 fonts of type, thereby creating more usable faces than did the seven greatest inventors of type and books, from Gutenberg to Garamond. Now 76, he is the dean of twentieth-century designers.”

via Modern Mechanix (source article written in 1942. Goudy died in 1947)

Just a simple reminder that it is, indeed, never too late to do what you love.

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